Job Creation & Business development

Support for Working Families and Advocating for Small Business Growth

  • Mark serves as the President of the Greater NY Chamber, and works with over 30,000 business & civic leaders

  • As an advocate of both business growth and job development, Mark will be a fierce defender of our small businesses and will work to continue to reduce unemployment across New York State

  • He has over 20 years experience working directly with elected officials as well as local, state & national agencies to make real change at all levels of government

  • Mark championed minimum wage increase, paid family leave, & tax caps
    that grew the New York State Economy



Supporting The Next Generation of Leaders

  • Mark supports business education credits that allow and encourage students to “earn while they learn”

  • He will work with local business leaders to help integrate students into prominent businesses through paid internships

  • He is already working to create  low interest student loan pools subsidized by major banks

  • Mark is a firm supporter of student loan payment deferment to give recent graduates an opportunity to secure a job that pays prevailing wage before requiring them to pay back the loan


Public Safety

Keeping Our Communities Safe 

  • Mark partnered with Gov. Cuomo to promote Red Flag legislation across New York to keep our schools safe

  • He was appointed to the NYC Police Commissioners’ Small Business Advisory Board to support quality policing practices

  • He is a proud supporter and mentor for the Police Athletic League (PAL); helping the youth of New York



Fighting for Those Who Fought for Our Freedom

  • Mark sits on the board of the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard, & Airmen Club which has been serving our veterans since 1919

  • Mark continues to champion reform across New York State in support of pro-veteran policies and legislation to support our heroes

  • Mark is passionate about reintegrating our returning veterans back into the workforce, and continues to work alongside both schools and businesses to institute programs to help veterans gain employment opportunities upon their return



Building a Fair Healthcare System for Everyone

  • Mark has helped New Yorkers save over $300 million on prescriptions through his work with the New York Rx. Card

  • He sits on the advisory board of Health Corps.; a non-profit that provides organizational health education, through community outreach, to under-served populations

  • Mark worked with New York elected officials to guarantee workers additional sick leave  under New York State Law 

  • Mark will be a fervent advocate for his constituents, and will work with with health insurance advocacy groups to ensure that our neighbors don’t have their claims denied


Transportation & Infrastructure

Improving The Quality of Our District and State

  • Mark served on President Obama’s White House Business Council and TIFIA loan sub-committee that helped to rebuild the Tappan Zee Bridge into the Mario Cuomo Bridge

  • Mark led the coalition to end National Grid’s arbitrary and capricious moratorium against new customers; his actions resulted in a $36 million settlement against National Grid in favor of his members

  • He worked alongside Governor Cuomo and advocated in favor of the new Delta Terminal at LaGuardia; thereby alleviating pressure for airlines to push expansion at Westchester County Airport.


The environment

Working to Preserve the Beauty of Our State

  • Mark has worked directly with Gov. Cuomo to advocate for new green energy initiatives and mass transit alternatives

  • He helps to facilitate public private partnerships across both Westchester and the state - like McGillicuddy Stadium at Harrison High School

  • Mark is proud to be a ‘Friend’ of both the Miller House Restoration and Westchester Parks Foundation

  • Through the Chamber of Commerce, of which he is the President,  Mark partners with the Wildlife Conservation Society to protect habitats and to advocate for environmental consciousness


transparency & accountability

Working Towards Better Governance

  • He is a firm supporter of  term limits for elected officials; as your next Assemblyman, Mark promises to promote ability above longevity in government

  • Mark stands against "pay to play" policies; when elected, he will fight to end this corruption that plagues New York State and impedes progress

  • He has fought for ethics reform as well as proposed a new pension forfeiture bill that would help hold our elected officials accountable

  • Mark is in favor of campaign finance reforms that would encourage the use of small individual donations as opposed to a system reliant on money from Super PACs which distort the political landscape and drown out the will of the people


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